Chawlas 2 Pehowa
  Veg and Non Veg Restaurant
Chawlas 2 Pehowa - A Complete family restaurant in pehowa. We serve veg and non veg food in pehowa. We have special arrangements to organise the ring ceremony, kitty party, groups party, lunch party, dinner party, & retirement party in pehowa. Family friendly restaurant in the pehowa.

A peaceful destination for the luxury food away from the city.
We have a large space to accommodate upto 200 people.
Since 1960 
Chwalas 2 Pehowa Features
1. Tea & Coffee
2. Breakfast
3. Lunch
4. Dinner
5. Event Organization
6. Ring Ceremony
7. Birthday Party
8. Kitty  Party
9. Groups Party
10. Retirement Party
* Enough space for the party of 200 people
Enjoy The Party with Chawlas 2 Tasty & Healthy Food
                  Tandoori Chicken
                  Paneer Tika
                      Mutton Curry
                Mutton Curry
                   Masroom Tika 
               Tandoori Chicken
                     Paneer Tika
Chawlas 2 Pehowa  Infrastructure
 Born in UP, brought up in Punjab – probably this is how one can sum up the Chawla’s Chicken (Chawla’s2)
It all started one day at Haldwani in 1960’s, District Nainital. Late S. Attar Singh Chawla was trying to improve upon one of his favourites recipes in the restaurants in his free time when he ended up with the one, which was to become ALL-TIME GREAT. Chawla’s2 CREAM CHICKEN was BORN to live FOREVER.
It is quite different and colour and taste as the ingredients used are different than the routine ones. Red chillies and vegetable oils are not used. It is cooked in milk and cream and delicately flavoured with black pepper and green cardamom. That’s why it is very light on stomach, tasty and easy to digest.
It is served with bread and mint chutney. You will find many people getting it packed taking home to enjoy with family. The exotic flavours of Chawla’s2 cuisine have been tantalizing Indian palate for several generations.
Chawla’s Chicken (Chawla’s2) is one of the biggest food chain in India specializing in Indian cuisine. It has been in this business for past several years and has served millions of food lovers in these years that can couch for its authenticity and great taste. Chawla’sstarted its new branch in Ludhiana on March 17, 1985.The Chawla chicken restaurant was opened in the city beautiful Chandigarh in 1991 and spread in Punjab and northern India.
Chawla’s Chicken has 110 outlets in India, it also has outlets overseas also. Today the popularity of it is evident from the fact that starting from Northern States, it has now spread all over India. There are 13 outlets in Delhi NCR alone.
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